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This site was set up to provide pre-cut filters for small flashguns to UK and EU photographers inspired by David Hobby of the Stobist blog. This site owes a great debt to Strobist!

It was also an exercise in setting up a very small business, with a small-scale e-commerce aspect. I am self-employed providing computer support for individuals - a couple of my customers are interested in setting up small websites, so FlashGels.co.uk is my attempt at learning by doing... and it's fun collecting all the stuff together, and (hopefully) provide a useful service to other photographers.

Flashgels is now over two years old. Many thanks to all the photographers around the world who have bought gels, velcro and ball bungees! Especially to everyone who have fed back comments and suggestions.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the comments form, or if you're on Flickr, then send me Flickrmail. My Flickr ID is cerevisia.

Regards, Jason


Flashgels got a name check in the March 2008 issue of Practical Photography. Thanks! A good set of articles about using flash with DSLRs.

Site Log

  • 30 March 2014 - Updated shipping for Royal Mail's new international services
  • 12 December 2012 - Ball Bungees finally back in stock
  • 4 December 2012 - Added the Gel Clip Extension Spigot
  • 13 November 2012 - New line - gels for the holder on the Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite. Thanks to Pete Barnes for suggesting it and providing photos of the Canon SCH-E1 gel holder.
  • 30 October 2012 - Updated to the latest Zen Cart - bit painful, but things seem to be working OK.
  • 28 April 2012 - Long time no updates - just plugging along. Updated prices and postage to take into account Royal Mail's increased prices
  • 15 June 2011 - New product from Rosco: Portrait Filter Kit.
  • 2 April 2011 - Adjusted prices slightly to take into account extra costs I have to pay (including the VAT that went up to 20% back in January), and additional postage charges coming in on the 4th April.
  • 28 January 2011 - A New Year and more products from Rosco. Added the large Calcolor packs today.
  • 6 September 2010 - Ball bungees back in stock.
  • 16 June 2010 - Added Gel Clips from Ian Pack at GoProPhoto to stock.
  • 27 May 2010 - Fixed a problem checking out using Internet Explorer - Firefox, Chrome and Konqueror worked fine, just IE failed for some reason....
  • 21 May 2010 - Upgraded the webshop software - bit of a marathon testing it out. Always the little details seem to go wrong. Anyway it now allows the option of creating customer account as well as the checkout without account facility.
  • 2 April 2010 - Added some photos to the FAQ.
  • 25 March 2010 - New range! Added the Rosco Strobist Collection kit to stock - and will be adding the 12 inch square sampler kits tomorrow. Added a FAQ page today, which I hope to illustrate with photos soon.
  • 24 March 2010 - Added the self-sticking Velcro One-Wrap to stock.
  • 13 January 2010 - I have had a delivery of velcro - delayed by more than a week due to the heavy snow in the UK. The backlog of the last week is packed and ready to post on the 14th January.
  • 31 August 2009 - Bank Holiday in England and Wales, and time for an update. I've added Colour Temperature Straw gels (in Full, Half and Quarter strengths), Moroccan Pink, and Medium Amber gels to the Pick and Mix section. If you want other colours, then let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  • 5 April 2009 - Long time no updates - just keeping busy fulfilling orders and making up gel packs. Anyway, Royal Mail's prices are being revised, so I've updated the site to take account of the new prices. Airmail packets are now calculated according to weight, and overseas customers now have the option of choosing a tracked airmail service. UK customers have the option of recorded delivery.
  • 5 December 2008 - More velcro has arrived - so now catching up with the backlog of orders.
  • 2 December 2008 - A sudden rush has meant I've run out of Velcro dots before new stocks have arrived - this means a slight delay in despatching orders this week. Apologies.
  • 9 September 2008 - Plenty more gel stocks are in and the backlog of orders is now cleared. Now awaiting for more stocks of ball bungees - with luck should arrive this week.
  • 31 August 2008 - A quick note on the main page about a delay in sending out the CC packs. More gels are on order.
  • 6 April 2008 - Royal Mail are increasing their postage charges from 7 April 2008. I've adjusted the airmail shipping charges, with two bands - £1.45 for most of the European area, and £1.75 for the rest of the world.
  • 13 February 2008 - Got a name check in the March 2008 issue of Practical Photography magazine. Heavy demand has led me to run out of gels for the 4cm correction packs in short order. Waiting for more supplies from Lee...
  • 6 February 2008 - All orders received over the last week have been shipped. Apologies for the delay. Now awaiting stocks of more velcro and gels.
  • 31 January 2008 - There will be a delay in delivering orders until next week due to unforeseen circumstances. Note on the main page and Shipping info page.
  • 22 December 2007 - New packs have been active for a while, and today I have finally got some product photos sorted. The new colours are also now added to the Pick'n'Mix section.
  • 7 December 2007 - More bungees expected today. The order backlog will be cleared today and tomorrow, and I'm preparing for the new refreshed gel packs which should go live on the site tomorrow or Sunday.
  • 5 December 2007 - More velcro arrived yesterday, and an order of gels from Lee arrived today. I should be able to clear the current order backlog tomorrow and the next day. Apologies for any delays.
  • 30 November 2007 - Another flurry of orders today means that gel packs and Velcro running low. More stocks expected early next week...
  • 28 November 2007 - Velcro dots arrived! Backlog cleared. Ordered more gels from Lee...
  • 27 November 2007 - Delivery from Lee today :-) Spent afternoon making up the 4cm packs. Still waiting for velcro dots before I can make headway on the backlog.
  • 26 November 2007 - Exposure on the Lighting Mods blog has led to a sudden flurry of orders and a slight stock crisis. More gels and velcro expected later in the week... so dispatch should be back to its normal efficiency soon after.
  • 30 October 2007 - Fixed some flakiness between the web site and database back-end. Seems using 'localhost' is flaky compared to hmmm. Apologies if the site's not been working as it should. Another batch of gels arrive for stock.
  • 16 October 2007 - Looks like the postal strikes are over for now. Also put a note about Paypal 'e-cheques' on the postage page.
  • 4 October 2007 - Note on the front page about the Royal Mail industrial action.
  • 17 September 2007 - Some photos illustrating the colours in the effects pack.
  • 16 September 2007 - Added the effects gel packs to stock
  • 31 August 2007 - Added QFlash gels category
  • 16 August 2007 - Started populating the Pick'n'Mix category
  • 15 August 2007 - Changed hosting to one that's hopefully more reliable with database scripting
  • 11-13 August 2007 - Installed shopping cart software onto website - beat it into submission eventually. Reliability problems with host - up and down like a yo-yo. Grrr. Moral: avoid cheap hosting
  • 5 August 2007 - Upgraded the hosting to one with more capabilities
  • 31 July 2007 - Tweaked overseas postage instructions
  • 25 July 2007 - Added ball bungees to stock
  • 14 July 2007 - Gels are back in stock
  • 11 July 2007 - Adjusted overseas postage slightly to better reflect postage costs and the additional time to take packages to the Post Office
  • 6 July 2007 - Second batch of gel packs sell out in just one day!
  • 29 June 2007 - Added overseas postage to products list
  • 28 June 2007 - Added photographs
  • 27 June 2007 - initial version.


Graphics were created using Inkscape and The Gimp. Photos were taken using my Pentax K10D, processed and edited using BibblePro and the Gimp.

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