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Flashgels.co.uk is a UK source for lighting gels pre-cut for use on portable flash guns - used for colour correction or for effect. Ideal for photographers inspired by Strobist!

Rosco - The Strobist Collection

The Strobist Collection contains the Rosco Cinegel filters photographers need, sized to fit most shoe-mount flashes. There are 20 different colors inside with multiple pieces of each color for a total of 55 gels in a handy storage box.

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Check out Rosco's other 10"x12" packs available

Gel Clip

The Gel Clip is the ideal way to attach smaller gels like the Rosco Strobist Collection to your flash. Available on it's own, or in a combined deal with a Rosco Strobist gel pack.

Flashgels Filter Packs

Fan of lighting gels

The gels come in value packs containing the most useful colours for photographers. The Colour Correction Pack contains CTO, CTB and Plus Green filters each in three strengths, plus a neutral density filter. The Effects Filter Pack containing six additional colours for special effects and backgrounds.

Check out the Filter Packs page for details about what's in the packs... you can then browse the catalogue and choose what you want to buy.

Just want particular colours, or to top up your gels? Check out the Pick'n'Mix category. Gels are available in packs of 5, and hook and loop velcro available by the metre.

Gels for Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT

Canon 600ex-rt gel holder

Packs of Lee Filters gels available cut specially for the holder on the Canon Speedlite 600EX flash. Available in value packs for colour correction, or effects, or as individual colours.

Canon 600ex-rt gel holder

Gel Clip Extension Spigot

Turn a paint roller extension pole into a photography lighting boom with an industry standard 16mm or 5/8th inch lighting spigot which will accept off-camera flash, hot shoe flash and Strobist accessories with the compatible 16mm (5/8th") fitting.

Free Postage in the UK

Free postage in the UK! For full details click on the postage page.

Ball Bungees Ball Bungees

Useful for the gadget bag and for keeping your gear securely attached. 20cm (8") ball bungees are available in packs of 5 or 10. See the bungees category page for details.


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