About the FlashGels Filter Packs

All packs come with 5 of each colour and are available in 4cm and 5cm widths. If you need more gels of a particular colour, then colours are available individually from the Pick'n'Mix section of the website.

There are three standard gel packs - one for colour correction, one for effects and the last comprises of supplementary Neutral Density filters.

The filters in the packs are cut from quality Lee Filter rolls. Filters are 14cm long. Two varieties of packs available:

Small filter dimensions
Large filter dimensions
  • Normal - cut to 4cm width

  • Wide - cut to 5cm width

The 4cm Normal filters should be suitable for most Nikon, Pentax and Canon flashes. The 5cm Wide are for flashes with larger lenses, for example the Vivitar 285HV - the filter slot on the Vivitar zoom head is 5cm, so will hold one of the gels, though you may want to secure at one end with Velcro.

The colour correction packs are available with Velcro and without. Packs with Velcro include 100 pre-cut 12mm hook dots for the filters, and 4 x 10cm strips of Velcro loops to stick on your flash (at your own risk!). Loops are the soft side, hooks the rough, plasticky part.

Colour correction

Wide fan of colour correction gels

A range of Colour Temperature Orange (CTO), Colour Temperature Blue (CTB) and Plus Green (Window Green) filters available in full, half and quarter strengths. These are used to correct the flash light to compensate for artificial lighting, or for warming or cooling the light. Plus Greens are used primarily for balancing the flash light with fluorescent lighting. Also included is a Neutral Density filter for reducing the power of light from your flash.

Pack contents:

Total of 50 filters made up of 5 each of the following colours:

Colour Lee Number
CTO - Full Colour Temperature Orange Lee 204
½ CTO - Half Colour Temperature Orange Lee 205
¼ CTO - Quarter Colour Temperature Orange Lee 206
CTB - Full Colour Temperature Blue Lee 201
½ CTB - Half Colour Temperature Blue Lee 202
¼ CTB - Quarter Colour Temperature Blue Lee 203
Plus Green (aka Window Green) Lee 244
½ Plus Green Lee 245
¼ Plus Green Lee 246
.3 ND - 1 stop neutral density Lee 209

Top-ups and additional filters are available from the Pick'n'Mix section.

Velcro loops and hooks are also provided optionally to attach the gels to your flashes. Top-ups for Velcro are also available in the Pick'n'Mix section.


Fan of effects filters

The Effects pack is designed to complement the Colour Correction pack and provides a range of colours that can be used on their own for effect or they can be combined to provide a wider range of colours. Six colours are provided in the pack - red, yellow, deep blue, green, magenta and pale blue.

Pack Contents:

Total of 30 filters made up of 5 each of the following colours:

Colour Lee Number
Dark Green Lee 124
Yellow Lee 101
Pale Navy Blue Lee 143
Light Red Lee 182
Magical Magenta Lee 795
Pale Blue Lee 063

Neutral Density

Neutral density filters

This is a top-up pack consisting of .6 (2 stop) and .15 (½ stop) neutral density filters - to complement the .3 1 stop neutral density filter in the colour correction pack. These are used to finely control the light output if your flash doesn't offer the control you require.

Pack Contents

10 filters consisting of 5 each:

Colour Lee Number
.6 Neutral Density 2 stops Lee 210
.15 Neutral Density ½ stop Lee 298

The colours are also available on their own from the Pick'n'Mix section.

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