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Will they fit my (insert model here) flash? supply gels in three main sizes – the original Flashgels sizes are 4cm x 14cm (in x in), or 5cm x 14cm (in x in). The Rosco Strobist kit gels are 3.8cm x 8.2cm (1.25in x 3.25in).

Measuring the flash Comparing gel sizes

You can check if the gel will cover the lens of your flashgun simply by measuring the height of the clear plastic flash lens with a ruler. Generally the 4cm Flashgels packs will cover most Nikon and Canon flash guns. The 5cm wide gels will cover most flashes with larger heads, like the Vivitar 285.

The Rosco sampler kits have gel sheets approx 30cm (12in) square. These can be cut by scissors or a craft knife to the size you require – these will be suitable for gel holders for studio flashes.

How do I fix the gels to the flash?


Velcro dots on a gel Gel on flash

Generally these are designed to be fixed to the flashes using velcro – with self adhesive velcro loops (the soft fluffy side) attached to the side of the flash head, and velcro hooks attached to each end of the gels.

Rui Leal has a good discussion on his blog entry reviewing the gels.

One-Wrap on flash

If you do not wish to put sticky velcro onto your expensive flash guns, then alternatives like the Honl Speedstrap exist – or some people simply use rubber bands. I also supply Velcro One-Wrap® which can be wrapped tightly around a flash head and allow you to fix gels and accessories to the flash, yet it can easily be removed without leaving adhesive residue.

Rosco Strobist Collection gels

Rosco Strobist gel on flash

It is recommended to use a gel holder like the Gel Clip. Some people also use tape to add tabs to the gel to allow it to be used with velcro as the larger gels above.

It is also possible to hold the gels in place simply by pulling out the diffuser panel that is a feature on many flashguns. If you use it this way, dial the flash power down to 1/4 or below. The heat generated by a full power flash pop with the gel held tight against the bulb can distort the gel or even punch a hole in it. If you want to use the higher power flash, then use a dedicated gel holder, like the GelClip. Alternatively you can DIY a holder or gel protector. With an office laminator, you could make a clear laminated sheet to protect the gel - you could even laminate the gel itself.

Do you deliver to my country, and how much does it cost?

Flashgels uses Royal Mail to deliver.

In the UK, postage is free for standard First Class post in the UK, though if you want Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery then there is an extra charge.

Outside the UK, postage charges are based on the weight of your order and are calculated when you go through the checkout process. Normal Airmail small packet service has no tracking. If you require a tracking number, then choose the “International Signed For" or “Airsure" services.

If your country is outside the EU, then also bear in mind you may need to pay customs fees – these fees, and any delays caused by customs, are out of our control.

See the Shipping Info page for full details.

What is the difference between the Rosco and Lee gels?

There are slight differences in the manufacturing process, but in usage they are identical. A CTO gel is a CTO gel. Lee uses a coating process, and Rosco dye their gels.

Do you do swatchbooks or free samples?

No, sorry.

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